CS5280 Project 2

Automatic Panoramic Mosaic Stitching


Xiong, Yuanjun

SID: 1155018814


1.     Panorama Demonstration

View panorama view in these links:

Mountain Sequence

My Lab




Here is some low-res demos:

Panorama Images

                                                                       Snow Mountain


My Lab



Description: C:\Develope\MMLab Develope\Own works\myIndex\CSCI5280\panorama\outimg_szel.jpg


2.     Brief Introduction

In this project, I worked on the skeleton code to build up an image stitching program. This program makes input image sequence connect with each other to form a panorama.

In practice, I have done works on three aspect:

1)    Warping: this part works well in experiment.

2)    Feature Pair Align: This part works well. But it is a little bit slow. Since the nearest neighbor search is very time consuming, I suggest using random projection tree to accelerate it.

3)    Global Align: This part works well in experiment. The first test sequence and my self-produced images aligned accurately. But in the samplepano dataset it produced some non-horizontal panorama. I think it may relating to the value of f. The result is very sensitive to the f.

Besides, I have built up some bundle adjustment routine and it helps to reduce the alignment error. But the algorithm not always helps because sometimes it cannot reduce the error before the iteration ends.


3.     Package Content

The package contains :

1)    codes in /code

2)    binary excutable in /experiment. This directory also contain the .bat file to test four sample image sequences. The image and feature file are located in /experiment/<image-name>.

3)    html files to produce this page.


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